My Bio disc miracle


IMG_1454My name is Maria Brown I am from Wollongong Australia.

I became an Independent distributor of Qnet in January 2010, when a friend of mine now my business partner told me about this amazing product called the Amezcua Bio disc,  and how it could improve my health.


This was because ten years earlier I had been diagnosed with an illness of the central nervous system called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT).

This illness runs in my mother’s side of the family, each sibling has a 50% chance of inheriting it, my mother had 4 kids, 2 have the illness 2 don’t.

CMT is an inherited disorder of the peripheral nervous system that affects the motor and sensory nerves of the lower arms and legs.

This leads to muscle wasting in the legs and arms, causing difficulty in walking, lack of strength in arms and hands ,basically, makes everyday activities more difficult.  Pain and fatigue are also symptoms of this illness, there is no cure for it.

The main symptoms I experienced were:

  • Pain in lower legs from mild to eventually severe
  • The loss of my fine motor skills in my hands, this meant dropping things easily, ordinary household chores became harder
  • Constant tripping and falling became part of my life causing injuries such as sprained ankles and torn foot ligaments
  • Pain in my back and hips was my new companion in life at first mild then as the illness progressed became chronic and acute pain
  • Extreme fatigue became part of my life
  • Constant bodily pain eventually led to being diagnosed with depression
  • Other symptoms associated from CMT were irritable bowel syndrome, laboured breathing caused by the fatigue

In short, my life changed from being a very fit energetic person to feeling like I was trapped in a body that no longer worked properly. I was in constant pain and suffered extreme fatigue.

So when I was told about the profound health benefits of the Bio disc, a light switch went on inside me, I felt like this product could be the answer to my prayers.

My Bio disc arrived on the 19th of January 2010 and I started using energised water straight away. Drinking it, spraying it on myself and most importantly putting the Bio disc  under my bed every night, as the energy from the Bio disc engulfed my body through the night.

I started keeping a journal on my observations, my last entry is on the 29th of March 2010, in which I write, I feel wonderful I am pain free I have loads of energy, I am walking up and down 4 flights of stairs 6 times a day at my local college, without getting breathless losing my balance or holding on to the handrail.

I have not walked so confidently and spritely  for over a decade, my hands and arms can do the normal everyday jobs that they used to do before being diagnosed with the illness.

I did not write any more in my journal after that date as my health and wellbeing just kept getting better. It still  takes my breath away whenever I think back to my days of ill health, and how this product has restored my life.

When I remember how unfit and unwell my body had become and how I would have continued to get worse as the years passed, I silently give thanks to Dr Ian Lyons for his amazing product called, the Bio disc.

Which leads me to why I started this blog in the first place, and that was to share my story with any other CMT sufferers out there that are experiencing the same symptoms I did.

But what the Bio disc did for my health is not just limited to CMT sufferers, but also to anyone experiencing any other type of illness.

Or for that matter anyone wanting to enhance their energy and wellness levels, such as Athletes, stage performers, construction workers, generally anyone and everyone.

You may ask how did the Bio disc do this, that is a long answer requiring researching what scalar energy is and how it t can improve your wellbeing.

But in short, the Bio disc gave me symptom relief, relief from the pain and fatigue the illness caused, instead of pain

Instead of pain I now have peace, instead of fatigue i now have energy, instead of misery i now live with joy and harmony.


What i have experienced from using the Bio disc is my own personal experience, what it will do for anyone else would be based on your own health issues, but always follow your doctors advice also.

For more information about the Bio disc visit:

If you would like to know how to purchase the Bio disc , or  other Amezcua products, contact me via the form below,

or  send me a friend request via facebook here   or visit my facebook page here


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