Dr Ian Lyons

UnknownDr. Ian Lyons developed the technology for the Bio Disc 2 originally to use it in his hydrotherapy pool for his heart transplant patients.

It was used to remove the effects of chlorine from the water.

The chlorine used in the hydrotherapy pool
would not let the open wound heal. Furthermore, the chlorine effects coming off the water was causing asthmatic conditions to the lungs of the heart transplant

Dr Ian was a heart transplant surgeon in the British army before
the age of 25.

After he left the army, he did soul searching and ended up in
India and then to Nepal.

He met two monks on a bus in Nepal and followed the
monks to their monastery in Tibet.

Dr. Ian spent 2 years with the monks in the monastery.

There, Dr Ian, being a medical professional was fascinated by the way
the monks treated sick people with only water. From his observation, he noted
that the monks only used water and it’s sufficient to heal most illness. After 2
years in the monastery, the monks told Dr. Ian to leave as he is required to
`heal the world with water.

Dr. Ian then went on to work on Spa’s, swimming pools, health farms and created water related machines known as vivifiers at Hamburg University.

These were big machines costing millions of dollars that gave back water its natural life-force energy.

It’s a result of more than 25 years of research and development.

Vivifiers mainly consist of special composition of natural minerals (nano-crystals) that creates a harmonizing resonance field.

This enables water to restructure its molecules.
The result is re-vitalized water. That water is comparable to spring water with highly improved physical and biological qualities.

The process of miniaturization of the vivifiers,  is what the product we now have, called Bio Disc 2.

For an extended version on Dr Ian Lyons, please read this PDF file  dr-ian-lyons

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