About me

IMG_1438Hello readers,  I am Maria Brown from Wollongong Australia.

I started this blog to tell the world of an  amazing experience I had with a wellness product called the Amezcua Bio disc.

14 years ago I was diagnosed with an illness of the central nervous system called Charcot Marie Tooth, for 10 years I suffered intense pain in my back, my legs and my feet from this illness, I had lost strength in my arms and hands and everyday chores had become very difficult to carry out.

I was constantly fatigued from the pain in my body, I felt like a bag of bones in pain all the time. Then a friend of mine  suggested I try this new 21st-century  wellness tool, I had nothing to lose and a lot of pain to get rid of if it worked, so that’s what I did.

There are so many people around the world living a life of pain and anguish through various illnesses that have taken over their bodies,  I was on a mission of spreading good news to them.

But what the Bio disc did for my health is not just limited to CMT sufferers, but also to anyone experiencing any other type of illness.

Or for that matter anyone wanting to enhance their energy and wellness levels, such as Athletes, stage performers, construction workers, generally anyone and everyone.

So if you are the sort of person that is looking for alternative ways of feeling healthier, a person who seeks out a holistic approach to wellness, then contact me, you have nothing to lose….except your pain.

Amezcua’s website here

Thank you    ENGLISH-1


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