Expressions by De Moda


IMG_1972_2I had a divine day today, well that is an Adiva Divine day.

I got dressed up and had fun with my new best friend. the Trendy Me Scarf from De Moda by Adiva Divine.

Let me show you what we did… first as you can see on your left, we did a half neck wrap, but, I was not sure if that is the look I wanted to go out to lunch with.















So i decided to try another way, how about the  belt look below?













How about the lose on the shoulders look below.





















I still can’t decide…. one more go. IMG_1996_opt











IMG_1981_2_opt      How about the twist around my neck style.
















I think i have decided on my lunch date look on the right.                                    IMG_1977_2_opt

















It’s Sunday and a hot scorching summers day in Australia, I can’t forget my sunhat, specially when adorned by the Trendy Me Scarf from De Moda by Adiva Divine.IMG_1802_2_opt
















Perfect for a stroll to my neighbours house for a BBQ lunch.






















Expressions by De Moda
It’s your time. Be who you want to be.

She’s smart, she’s fun, she’s daring but sometimes she’s sensitive, she’s caring and she’s quiet. She’s us. ‘Expressions’ by De Moda understands how to bring out the beauty and charm in the many facets of a woman whose life is a fusion of emotions, dreams and desires. ‘Expressions’ is her best friend, making her feel and look her best.

She’s still learning and growing but feels on top of the world, she is tough but sensitive, adventurous but loyal, a go-getter and a sweetheart. She loves and wants to be loved.

These are her Expressions


If you would like to know where i got my new best friend, from click the link below, or send me a message on the contact form below.


Have a fun and colourfull day ladies.


2 thoughts on “Expressions by De Moda

  1. Thanks for your article on the Qnet business. I understand u r based in australia. I have a friend who has just moved there and wud luv to interest her in weekly trainings and monthly BP for QNET. Pse let me know if this is possible for u.



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